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Inner Wealth: week 19 - Acceptance

Violet flower symbolizes acceptance and humility.

Find solace in the embrace of acceptance and uncover the freedom it brings. Acceptance is a journey of releasing resistance and finding peace in the present. Embrace flaws, honor the past, and create a space of self-love. Let this journey be a tribute to the positive power of acceptance.

Repeat these 3 affirmations frequently this week:


·      I accept myself and others unconditionally.

·      I embrace my life with open arms.

·      I am at peace with what I cannot change.

Exercise: Acceptance

Objective: To foster a profound sense of self-acceptance and serenity, using tactile reminders and affirmations to be at peace with life's realities.

Natural support: Chalcedony promotes acceptance and inner peace. Violet symbolizes acceptance and humility.

Setup: Choose a small object or charm that symbolizes serenity and acceptance for you. This will be your amulet.

Daily Holding: Each morning, hold your object, feeling its texture and weight, grounding yourself in the moment.

Speak affirmations aloud: Connect with your inner being by putting one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly. Take a few deep breaths and feel how you say:

·       "I accept myself and others unconditionally."

·       "I embrace my life with open arms."

·       "I am at peace with what I cannot change."

Reflect: Close your eyes and envision an aura of acceptance surrounding you, strengthened by the energy of the amulet.

Carry with You: Keep the amulet in your pocket or wear it as a necklace throughout the day, serving as a continuous reminder of your commitment to acceptance.

Closure: In the evening, place your object in a designated spot, taking a deep breath, and acknowledging the moments of acceptance from the day.

Contact: When you have questions or you want to share your experiences please contact us here.

Your next step: Continue with your next week's episode.


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