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Humanity are ready to hear from us.

Humanity are looking for messages: humility and light.

one sentence for spiritual journey is to physical body into

Tao Song, Tao Water, touch the buttom is no mother earth light, is source light.

Dear Toa, Divine, countles gen. and sollderers, dear you world, wu world, yuan ling world, countless planets etc, shen fo, 44 milj. mensen have watched the reel da guang min,g greatest humility, forgiveness, experience the greatest light, join the concert of Master Sha, greatest service, we call you, open your heart join Sha concert from 7-9 and da guang ming day 10 - 17. I am a tao hands practitioner and honered to call you.

these 44 milj who viewed, 2,3 service, in facebook, you tube, wang ling,

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