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Da Ai - greatest love



     First give love to others and humanity

       Unconditional love

     Melts all disasters and blockages

   Clean and purify your heart, enlighten soul, heart and mind

Love is

  • Love is sincere, warm dearness

  • Love is: not being jealous, not telling how good you are, not considering yourself more important than someone else.

  • Love is not rude and selfish.

  • Love is not offending others, not thinking only of yourself, not arguing and not wanting to take revenge.

  • Love is: becoming happy with the good and distancing yourself from the bad. Because of love you tolerate everything that happens to you, you continue to believe, trust and persevere.

Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

Yes I Am: grootste liefde

“Love is the flame that ignates the soul.”

- Rumi

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