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Tao calligraphy

Tao calligraphy is a revolutionary healing art based on an ancient form of writing calligraphy in one movement (Yi Bi Zi).

Master Sha learned this method of writing from the sole lineage holder, Professor Li Qiu Yun. At more than 100 years old, Professor Li passed on this unique lineage to Master Sha. With his lifelong training and mastery of ancient philosophies, healing arts and spiritual practices, he further developed this special oneness writing. With this he brings the essence, frequencies and vibrations of Tao oneness into every calligraphy.

In oneness writing, the calligrapher applies one movement - one flow of Qi (energy) - by writing with high frequencies and positive information, which promote well-being and a sense of oneness.


By writing, following or meditating with Tao calligraphy, we attune to the oneness field of the Tao and the positive vibrational field that brings balance, rejuvenation and balance to our lives. We absorb the positive information, frequencies and vibrations. This is how we transform the information, frequency and vibration of our blockages. In this way you can experience improvements in your physical, mental and emotional condition. You can also receive Tao calligraphy blessings.

Calligraphy Da Ci Bei - greatest compassion

Yes I Am: kalligrafie Da Ci Bei : het hart-

This image is a part of our Tao calligraphy Da Ci Bei, which represent the heart, that is closely connected with compassion.

The calligraphy 'Da Ci Bei' means 'greatest compassion' in Mandarin. Da means 'greatest', Ci means 'friendly' and Bei means 'thinking of'. The sign of the heart appears twice in the Chinese characters. ​


The heart is the center of our existence and therefore of vital importance. Feeling loved is of great importance to your well-being. All of this is supported by compassion. You can receive a blessing with our calligraphy Da Ci Bei for every aspect of life. This is a customized blessing tailored to the recipient's request. ​

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