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Da Yuan Man - greatest enlightenment

Da Yuan man is the ultimate achievement of someone's spiritual and physical life.

Yes I Am: greatest enlightenment

The tenth of the Ten Da qualities is Greatest Enlightenment

Soul, heart, mind and body enlightenment

Saints has four levels or steps: human saint, Mother Earth saint, Heaven saint and Tao saint

Unconditional service is the only way to climb Heaven's and Tao's stairs

  • To be enlightened is to be aware of, realize and embody the universal truths.

  • There is soul enlightenment, heart enlightenment, mind enlightenment and body enlightenment.

  • Soul enlightenment is raising your soul to the level of a saint: the soul is then in the heart or higher.

He who knows much about others may be learned, but he who understands himself is more intelligent.

He who is master of others may be mighty, but he who is master of himself is even more mightier.

Lao Tse

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