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  Welcome at Yes I Am

Are you at a crossing in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed by stress, sadness or inner conflict? At Yes I Am we understand that life can sometimes be challenging. But we also believe that there is always hope and that love, forgiveness, compassion and light are the keys to personal growth and happiness. At Yes I Am we passionately guide you on your journey to self-discovery and inner peace. We are a specific coaching company: we are your guide to a fulfilled and radiant life.


Our core values

Love: At Yes I Am we believe that love is the most powerful and transformative energy in the universe. Love is the starting point of our work. We invite you to feel love for yourself and others. This gives you a deeper connection with who you are and the world around you.

Forgiveness: Forgiveness helps to release negative emotions and pain. We guide you in the process of forgiveness, which will help you find inner peace and create room for growth.

Compassion: Compassion is the ability to accept yourself and others, even in difficult times. We inspire you to develop compassion as an attitude to life, making you more resilient and (better) able to deal with difficulties.

Light: Go through life sparkling. Yes I Am empowers you to further strengthen your soul light.

Our approach

At Yes I Am we focus on creating more oneness between soul, heart, mind and body. We combine different methods to support you in overcoming obstacles, discovering your true nature and creating a life that is in line with your deepest values ​​and desires: you have more vitality, have more energy, you know what you want and what you stand for. We assume that everyone is unique. We tailor our approach to your specific needs. Whether you are struggling with stress, relationships, self-acceptance or life goals, we are here to lovingly guide you. ​

Become who you really are

At Yes I Am we believe that you have the ability to grow, heal and shine. We will inspire and support you as you walk your own path to personal growth. We invite you to begin your journey towards love, forgiveness, compassion and light with us.

If you are ready to transform, if you long for a life that radiates from the core of who you truly are, then Yes I Am is the right choice for you. ​

Contact us today and begin your journey to a life of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Together we can develop your inner strength and help you shine like never before. You will receive the first consultation as a gift. ​

Yes I Am: empowers you who you are! ​

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