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Inner Wealth: week 13 - trust

Discover the profound impact of trust as you delve into the essence of reliance and faith. Trust is the cornerstone of meaningful relationships and personal growth. Cultivate trust in others and, most importantly, in yourself. Let the positive nature of trust be an essential pillar of your well-being.

Repeat these 3 affirmations frequently this week:


·      I trust in my abilities and intuition.

·      I build trust in my relationships through honesty and integrity.

·      I trust the journey and remain optimistic.


Exercise: “Trust”

Objective: To foster a deep sense of trust within oneself and in interactions with others, using a symbolic talisman and affirmations to reinforce self-belief and optimism.

Natural support: Peridot helps build confidence and release fear. Marigold symbolizes confidence and optimism.


Setup: Find a small object or talisman that resonates with the essence of trust for you.

Morning Ritual: Hold the talisman each morning, feeling its energy and letting it reinforce your trust.

Affirmation Reflection: As you go about your day, occasionally touch the talisman, reminding yourself of your journey and decisions.

Speak affirmations aloud: Connect with your inner being by putting one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly. Take a few deep breaths and feel how you say:

·       "I trust in my abilities and intuition."

·       "I build trust in my relationships through honesty and integrity."

·       "I trust the journey and remain optimistic."

Symbol of Assurance: Whenever faced with doubt, clutch the talisman, letting it be a symbol of your trust and resilience.

Closure: At night, place the talisman beside your bed, letting it recharge and prepare to guide your trust the next day.

Contact: When you have questions or you want to share your experiences please contact us here.

Your next step: Continue you with your next week's episodes.


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