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Inner Wealth: week 3 - peace

Updated: Mar 16

Connect with inner peace and feel tranquility and calmness. Peace is the sanctuary you create within, a haven amidst life’s chaos. Practice mindfulness, release attachments, and find solace in the present moment. Open yourself for the transformative power of inner peace.

Repeat these 3 affirmations frequently this week:


·      I cultivate peace and calm in my mind.

·      I choose peaceful responses to all situations.

·      I spread peace in every interaction.

Excercise: inner peace meditation

Objective: To develop a deep sense of inner peace, respond calmly to all situations, and spread tranquillity in every interaction.

Natural support: Amethyst is known for its calming and peaceful properties. Lavender stimulates being calm and peaceful.

Setup: Find a quiet space where you can comfortably sit or lay down. This should be a space free from distractions where you feel relaxed. Meditate in the field of Love Peace Harmony. Connect here with the Tao Calligraphy Field of Love Peace Harmony.

Deep Breathing: Begin with a series of deep breaths in a natural path. Inhale peace and calm, exhale stress and agitation.

Speak affirmations aloud: Connect with your inner being by putting one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly. Take a few deep breaths and and feel when saying:

·       "I cultivate peace and calm in my mind."

·       "I choose peaceful responses to all situations."

·       "I spread peace in every interaction."

Reflect: Think of a situation recently where you felt agitated or stressed. Now, reimagine that situation but respond with complete calmness and peace.

Visualization: Picture a calm and serene place, such as a quiet beach or a mountaintop. Place yourself there and feel the profound peace that surrounds you.

Closure: As you conclude your meditation, set an intention to maintain this sense of peace as you move through your day, spreading tranquillity in every interaction.

Contact: When you have questions or you want to share your experiences please contact us here.


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