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Inner Wealth: week 10 - mindfulness

Immerse yourself in mindfulness and embark on a journey of self-awareness. Amidst distractions, mindfulness anchors you in the present. Tune into thoughts, feelings, and surroundings, and experience the richness of each moment. Let this be the beginning of a more mindful and conscious life.

Repeat these three affirmations frequently this week:

·      I am present in every moment.

·      I am mindful of my thoughts and actions.

·      My mindfulness leads to peace and clarity.

Exercise: Mindfulness Mandala

Objective: To enhance daily awareness of the present moment, using visualization and affirmations to cultivate a grounded and clear mindset.

Natural support: Lapis lazuli promotes awareness and mindfulness. Lotus flower symbolizes spiritual growth ad mindfulness.

Setup: Find or draw a simple mandala or circle pattern. This will be your focal point. Find a free printable mandala on internet that attracts you.

Daily Practice: Find a quiet moment to sit comfortably, placing the mandala in front of you.

Focus & Breathe: Gaze softly at the mandala, taking deep breaths, anchoring yourself to the present.

Speak affirmations aloud: Connect with your inner being by putting one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly. Take a few deep breaths and feel how you say:

·       "I am present in every moment."

·       "I am mindful of my thoughts and actions."

·       "My mindfulness leads to peace and clarity."

Reflect: Allow a few minutes to just be, noticing your thoughts as they arise and letting them go without judgement.

Closure: Slowly release your focus from the mandala, taking a final deep breath and carrying the feeling of mindfulness with you.

Contact: When you have questions or you want to share your experiences please contact us here.

Your next step: Continue you with your next week's theme.

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